How do you get to Doro?

Since I have left the states, I have gotten several of the same questions. I will try to answer some of them in the coming weeks. The first one deals with the topic of travel. Since I love lists, here is a list of what it takes to get to Doro, South Sudan.

1. Get on a plane leaving wherever your home may be (mine was Dallas, TX).
2. Fly to London, England (approximately 8 ½ hours).
3. Fly to Nairobi, Kenya (another 8 ½ hours).
4. Stay in Kenya for several days to a couple weeks to get over jet lag, do orientation, buy groceries and supplies for setting up a home.
5. Leave guesthouse in Nairobi around 615 am to drive to local airport.
6. Get on small chartered airplane to fly into South Sudan.
7. Fly to Lokichoggio, Kenya (2-3 hours approximately).
8. Get off said plane so plane can refuel. Stretch your legs.
9. Fly to South Sudan. The exact next location can vary. For my first time into Doro, we stopped first in Torit, South Sudan. Refuel plane. (about 1-1 ½ hours)
10. Walk to visa & immigration office to get stamped into South Sudan.
11. Fly to Malakal, South Sudan (about 2-2 ½ hours flying time).
12. Stretch your legs, refuel, and fly 1 hour more to Doro.
13. Land in Doro around 4pm (after approximately 6-7 hours of flying time)
14. Walk home from the airstrip. ☺

Below are some pictures of my travel from Kenya to South Sudan. The views were spectacular.

Our plane to Doro

View from the plane

Flying over northern Kenya

The view of the refugee camp as we were preparing to land in Doro

The Doro airstrip: Home sweet home!

Stay tuned, more posts coming soon!

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