The Little Things

With ever-changing circumstances, it is nice to celebrate the “little” things that happen throughout the week to help us stay sane. A few of our accomplishments of the past week include (in no particular order of importance):

  1. Navigating the Mugam3 (pronounced Mugamm-ah) to get our 3-month visas. This process was completed after making the required 3 separate trips to the office over 2 days and paying $1.59 (yes, that’s 1 dollar 59 cents). Now, we did have to spend 3x’s as much for taxis to/from, but we are thankful it is rakhiis (cheap) to stay in this country.
  2. The amount of Spanish that comes out of my mouth when I mean to speak Arabic has greatly decreased…
  3. Taking & passing our first set of finals. Since each class is 4 weeks long, we will be doing this once a month. I can successfully talk about myself, what I do every day, what I am wearing, where I live, what is in my apartment, and my family to fill about 7 minutes of time.
  4. Surviving the language school apartment’s infamous stomach bug. Enough said.
  5. We found, signed a lease, and moved into our new apartment.
  6. We set up internet for our apartment using the apartment owner’s driver’s license typed in Arabic without knowing our exact address. (Ok, we think we did this successfully, but it is still pending, & will be a nice accomplishment!)

So maybe this week was a bit abnormal, but the life we live right now is a bit abnormal also. We celebrate these things (big & small) and look forward expectantly to what our next days hold. 

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4 Responses to The Little Things

  1. rudycassol says:

    Ha…#2..I’ve done that a ton…When we were in China and I couldn’t understand them, I would start speaking Spanish for some reason….hilarious

    Lifting you up, asking that the “abnormal” will present some unexpected opportunities.

  2. Rach says:

    Who is we? And who are you living with?

  3. kcpemberton@sbcglobal .net says:

    Closing my eyes and imagining you speaking to me in Arabic. Can’t quiet grasp that yet. I am impressed with your accomplishments, tho, and not surprised at how quickly you are learning.
    Thrilled about the new apartment, etc. Love you much. Kay Carol

  4. Chelle says:

    I can COMPLETELY sympathize! Miss you!

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