The Desert

Even though we had only been here about 3 weeks, it was already time to get away from the “big city life.” When you have an Aussie, a Kansas farm girl, and an Arkansan who want to be living in the bush thrust into a town of millions, it can be a bit overwhelming. We took advantage of a recommendation to see some sights in the desert and joined with some classmates and went camping.

Not only did we learn some history, see some beautiful places (the pictures still don’t do the area justice), it was a blessing to get to be out in nature and be encouraged in the Lord and His creation.

“The heavens are telling of the glory of God; and their expanse is declaring the work of His hands.” ~Psalm 19:1


Valley of Wonders (6)

Does this remind anyone else of the end of Land Before Time?


White Desert (49)


I know many may want more exciting updates, but my life isn’t too exciting right now. I go to Arabic classes, practice Arabic, read Arabic, practice Arabic flash cards, buy groceries speaking Arabic, practice Arabic with my Sudanese language helper, talk to neighbors in Arabic, etc. in Arabic. Lots of Arabic basically.

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3 Responses to The Desert

  1. wendie says:

    And what’s that language again.. Glad to see your doing well.

  2. Natosha Griffin says:

    Ruth! That’s so awesome you can speak so much arabic. I’m so proud!

    Is there anything I can lift up to the Father for you?

    With love.

  3. tammiharrel says:

    Not exciting? Ruth, you have had more excitement in the last few months than most have in a lifetime. Thank you for these updates and thank you for serving. Do not lose heart in doing good for at the right tome you will reap what you sowed.

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