Sozanne & Teti

I’ve known Sozanne for a while now—she comes to our small church in the Nuba village. She’s tall, beautiful, and has such a sweet spirit about her. One weekend, we had a party for my boss, Cathy, as she was planning to leave South Sudan for about 6 months for her home assignment. The ladies from the church came over, and we had a wonderful celebration. Right as the ladies were leaving through one gate, another few ladies came through the other gate. Not realizing the time for the party was already finished, we went ahead and served them water and juice, along with a few snacks.

When the women were starting to say their goodbyes, I began to talk to Sozanne about her 2 month old son that I was holding, Teti. I knew he had been to our clinic 2 days before, but I didn’t like how he was breathing. I asked if we could take him to the clinic and give him some medicine to help him breathe better. So, off we went to the clinic on the four wheeler, and I was able to supplement the medicine he was already taking with another medicine to help his breathing. He was still pretty sick, so I told her that even if she was unable to come to church the next day, I still wanted to check on him after church.

The next morning, as we were sitting in church singing, Sozanne comes in with Teti and sits down. It didn’t take long before I could hear his labored breathing from my seat across the small church. I took a stethoscope and quickly listened to his lungs and then told her we should take him to the bigger hospital. As we walked away from the church, she said he had slept well during the night, but then his breathing became labored that morning and he vomited his medicine. After quickly doing a more thorough exam at our clinic, I drove them up the road to the hospital to be admitted for monitoring.

Flash forward to the following Friday. I went by Sozanne’s as I was heading to our ladies bible study to see how baby Teti was doing. She was not home, but came quickly looking for me a little while later. She was so joyful! She started sharing her life story, with part I had never known.

Before this child, she had another baby, who became sick at 8 months old. He was given treatment for malaria, but couldn’t stop vomiting and having diarrhea. After 2 days of injections, he was not improving, and was to be sent to the local hospital for inpatient care. As she walked across the airstrip near her house, the baby died. So when the week before I had told her we were sending her baby to the hospital for care, she thought the Lord was going to take this child as well.

Sozanne shared how the morning before she came to church with Teti, her M husband told her to stay home. She said she wanted to go to church and she believed God could heal her child. When she got to church, I told her we needed to go to the other hospital, and then some fear from her previous experience crept in. She became worried for her child’s little life, but knew she had to trust in God. After 4 days in the hospital, Teti was released. She came home rejoicing that God had healed her baby. She said her husband was happy as well and so thankful that their child was ok.

Sozanne knows it was God who healed Teti and is praying her husband would come to know Christ personally. Please join with us in praying for her husband to come to know Jesus Christ and trust Him with his life.

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1 Response to Sozanne & Teti

  1. Heatherand/orJeff says:

    so awesome you got to be an instrumental part of God’s healing of Teti and the joy that filled Sozanne’s heart!!

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