Manga Lately

Forgive me for this long lapse in communication! So much has happened with Manga and some of you are up to date (ish) from emails.

October 2015: Manga was scheduled for an eye procedure to help her tear ducts drain appropriately. When she got to Kenya this was postponed by the eye surgeon multiple times because of infection around her nose. She was also diagnosed with recurrent malaria and did not respond to initial treatments, so had to have a special medication. She later also had surgery to remove part of the metal plate that was in her nose from her original surgery last April, possibly causing her wound to not stay closed.

November 2015: Manga was a patient in the AIC Kijabe Hospital and Kikuyu Eye Hospital. She did have her eye procedure and was sent back to Kijabe to recover.

Mid-December 2015: Manga and her mother Sunday, traveled back to Doro as she continued to heal and recover from her procedures.

February 2015: Manga had the tubes removed from her tear ducts by a visiting eye team from Kenya. She continues to heal and is a fun and happy little girl.

I think I’ve said this before, but if you had told me what all would occur through this past year, I probably would not have believed you. God has been faithful to show up and provide for EVERY single detail of this little girl’s story. Even with multiple unexpected detours in the road, He provided right when we needed Him to. You can’t make any of this up, and I’m in awe of His love for her, which is the same love He has for each of us. I know many days I don’t feel deserving of His love or worthy of His love. But He gave Himself freely for my sins, that I might have life everlasting in Him. “We love, because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19). And that’s why I’m here, so that I can give back myself and show some of the grace that has been bestowed to me as I love others and share Christ with them.

Left: Manga chowing down on some food in the market after her procedure was postponed. Right: Manga & I while she was in the “big” hospital west of Doro.

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