Serving Him

ruth-in-uganda.jpgAlthough I came to know the Lord as a 6-year-old, I did not understand what an intimate relationship with Him was like until middle school. Through a youth conference, the Lord spoke to me about surrendering all areas of life completely to Him. For me, I knew that meant surrendering my life to mission work overseas.

With no idea what the details would look like, I continued to allow him to shape my steps and changed my degree in college to nursing. After a trip to Ethiopia in 2010, God directed me to return to school for further training as a nurse practitioner. I needed more education to better serve Him in the plans He had in store for me.

Now, years and multiple short-term mission trips after He first touched my heart, the Lord has given me an opportunity to serve long term. I will work with SIM as a nurse practitioner in a clinic in Doro, South Sudan. Through meeting people’s physical needs, I will have an opportunity to share the love of Christ and the gospel. My heart is to see the people of South Sudan know and love the Lord, living their lives to make His great name known.


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